Ampoliros 3.1.0 released

Change log:

3000 3.1.0 - 2002/10/16
- Added the instance.startup hook, that is called at the instance startup.
- Added the instance.shutdown hook, that is called at the instance shutdown.
- Added the "tabindex" parameter to Hui form widgets.
- Added a check in setup phase for PHP XML-RPC extension. If loaded, the
  requirements check phase complains about it and ask to remove the extension
  from the php.ini configuration file.
- Added web services description localization mechanism.
- Added web services description column in web services administration page.
- Added country descriptor for Brazil and language descriptor for Brazilian.
- Added $gEnv['runtime']['libraries'] with the list of the opened libraries.
- Added the new "tab" Hui widget.
- Added the COLORSET.TITLEBARS.TEXTCOLOR color in Hui colors sets.
- Added various profiler markers.
- Added more new icons in crystal icons set.
- Added the $gEnv['runtime']['sessionid'] key.

- Removed old code needed for pre-3.0.0 Ampoliros update.
- Now the profiler is checked before executing it at the shutdown, to avoid
  an error message if the database is down.
- Various forms now use tabbing.
- Started changing references to the environment variable from $env to $gEnv.
- Now the amppage Hui widget encodes the status and title arguments.
- Now when in debug state the pid file is not removed and contains a dump of
  the $gEnv environment variable.
- Various optimizations in libraries opening.
- Many optimizations in code.
- Updated the AUTHORS file.
- Changed default SESSION_LIFETIME value in Makefile to 525600 minutes
  (a year).
- Suppressed a lot of innocuous PHP NOTICE type log events when state is set
- New look for default theme.
- Optimized ampinterface.php root page by using a tab widget.
- The Hui dispatcher now always passes an array to the event function even if
  there isn't any even data.
- Changed session cookie management, now it should last one year by default.
- Updated the Win32 installation script.

- Fixed profiler log string type to DEBUG.
- Fixed handling of Ampoliros state when changing it in the ampadvanced.php
  root administration page.
- Fixed wrong use of locale support in some administration pages.
- Fixed old $env['sitelocale'].
- Fixed pages listing cell colspan in table Hui widget.
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