Ampoliros 3.2.0 released

Change log:

3000 3.2.0 - 2003/01/08 - "Security"
- Added site max users limit.
- Added submodule feature.
- Added a profiler for SQL queries.
- Added a new time marking method for LoadTime class (debug.library) with
  start and stop methods.
- Added the "Security" root page.
- Added the "progressbar" Hui widget.
- Added the Xml_Db->mTableStructure member (dblayer_parser.library).
- Added the $gEnv['core']['config'] member.
- Added the "tools" menu in the root shared menu.
- Added the access log feature.
- Added interface for setting the session lifetime.
- Added interface for setting max wrong logins and wrong login delay.
- Added block unsecure web services feature.
- Added the security alert feature.
- Added a lot of security checks in SQL queries.
- Added the "string" database datatype, should be used in place of text when
  settings a max length.
- Added various security checks.
- Added a security email reports system.
- Added mkdirs() function (misc.library).
- Added dircopy() function (misc.library).
- Added "basedir" member to Module() class (modulesbase.library).
- Added "siteid" and "userid" optional members to Cache() class (cache.library)
  so that items can be related to sites and/or users.
- Added the CacheGarbageCollector() class (cache.library) for cache garbage
  collecting purposes.
- Added automatic cache garbage collecting when removing a site or an user.

- Reorganized the root shared menu.
- Updated the default icons set to Crystal icons 0.85, with a lot of new icons
  and many changed ones.
- Changed some old references to $env to $gEnv.
- Updated copyright date to 2003.

- Added missing OpenLibrary( 'locale.library' ) in huidate.hui.
- Fixed missing 'themesized' attribute in the summaries that prevented PNG
  icons to be viewed under Win32 platforms.
- Fixed wrong handling of target attribute in menu.hui.
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