Ampoliros 3.5.0 released

Change log:

3000 3.5 - 2003/09/01 - "Misc features"
- Added IFrame Hui widget.
- Added "refresh" option to page Hui widget.
- Added semaphores feature (semaphores.library).
- Added clipboard feature (clipboard.library).
- Added the possibility to check string and text widget values before
  sending a form.
- Added arrowup, arrowupshadow, arrowleft and arrowleftshadow theme
- Added arrowup, arrowupshadow, arrowleft and arrowleftshadow icons for
  Amp3000 theme.
- Added columns sorting to Hui table widget.
- Added name attribute to Hui IFrame widget output, so now it is
  targettable by links.
- Added 261 new mini icons in Crystal icons set.
- Added clean clipboard maintenance task.
- Added Ampoliros and modules requirements check maintenance task.
- Added a popup calendar in HuiDate widget.
- Added semaphores administration in root advanced options. It is shown
  only when platform state is set to development or debug.
- Added hints to Hui button, checkbox, combobox, date, file, image, label,
  listbox, radio, string and text widgets. Hint messages are shown in the
  browser status bar.
- Added 280 new more icons in Crystal HUI icons set.
- Added "compact" attribute to button Hui widget.
- Added module hooks list in modules root page.
- Added Site::EnableAllModules() (sites.library).
- Added "Enable all modules" and "Disable all modules" in site modules
- Added "color" argument to Hui label widget.
- Added set_root_password() (ampoliros.library).
- Added users private directory feature. Users directory will be created
  inside site private directory in the "users" subdirectory. When updating
  Ampoliros, the private directory for the already existing users will be
  automatically created.
- Added UserSettings class (users.library) for user settings feature.
- Added \Innomatic\Logging\Logger::Rotate() method (logger.library), for rotating logs.
- Added log rotation in Ampoliros log clean maintenance task.
- Added table of all sites with the list of the enabled modules in sites
  root administration page under the "Situation" button (root/sites.php).
- Added support for zip archives (archives.library).
- Now Ampoliros accepts modules compressed by zip (file type recognition is
  suffix based).

- Set "iso-8859-1" as Hui page charset.
- Now Hui table widget pages navigator supports word wrapping when it is
  longer than the table width.
- DBLayer::GetTimestampFromDateArray() (dblayer.library) is now more
  tolerant with date arrays with missing keys.
- Updated the sites.php root page using the new form elements check
- Updated logo in amp3000 theme.
- Now if a button has no action, it is disabled by default.
- New javascript based Hui buttons look.
- New javascript based Hui tabs look.
- CachedItem class (cache.library) now uses semaphores.
- Now the unlock.php cgi erases all semaphores too.
- Now the debugger page uses the same tab position for all processes.
- Updated Crystal HUI icons set to Crystal Icons 0.90.
- Now build_events_call_string() (hui.library) outputs "&" in place of
- Now Site::DisableAllModules() class (sites.library) accepts an optional
  argument: if set to false, Ampoliros itself is not disabled from the
- Changed fallback procedure for HelpNode::GetContent() (helpnode.library).
- Now Hui table widget column headers are aligned at top.
- Removed Ampoliros class (ampoliros.library), to be readded and
  reengineered for Ampoliros 4000 generation.
- Now Ampoliros should handle https admin urls with no problems.

- Added missing xml widget load in root/modules.php (thanks to Damien
  Fressard and Benoit Boirel).
- Fixed DBLayer::GetTimestampFromDateArray() handling of seconds.
- Added encoding of confirmmessage label for buttons in AmpToolbar
  hui widget.
- Fixed wrong call to Locale::GetStr() in maintenance.library.
- Fixed Canada country locale descriptor.
- Fixed Ampoliros default maintenance tasks installation during setup.
- Fixed wrong handling of "siteid" and "userid" optional members in Cache
  class (cache.library).
- Fixed radio Hui Widget label, it doesn't wrap no more.
- Fixed modules dependencies handling.

- Added AmpolirosSecurityHandler::GetLoggedSessions() (security.library)
- Added logged root and users sessions list in security administration
- Added logging of wrong accesses in access.log.
- Added forced logout of sessions from security root administration.
- Added only https access flag for root and sites access.