Launched Carthag Classes Consolidator

Today I’ve released the first public version of CCC – Carthag Classes Consolidator – an open source classes consolidator for Carthag applications. Being distributed with the Mozilla Public License, CCC is free to use and distribute. CCC is a component of the Solarix iConnect Tools.

CCC’s main purpose is to optimize Carthag classpaths and classes. It collects all the classes contained in the classpaths (excepted Carthag and CCC ones) and, if required, process them with specific consolidators. For now no consolidator other than the collector is available, but in the future there can be consolidators for classes code optimization, caching, etc.

Collected (and processed) classes, once collected, are kept in a storage. Following INSTALL file, storage classes classpath is the first one (after Carthag default classpaths) to be explored for classes by Carthag when importing them. In this manner, Carthag doesn’t have to search among all the classpaths. With a long classpath list, this may result in faster applications serving.

The consolidation process must be manually restarted each time a Carthag based application is installed, updated or removed, otherwise the storage is very likely to contain old classes (or no classes at all) incompatible with the new application.

Please note that applications whose classes rely on a certain position in the filesytem are likely to be subject to malfunctions. In that case, you should exclude classpaths for these applications from being consolidated using the “excluded_classpaths” directive in ccc.ini file.

To run the consolidation process, you must run the bin/consolidate batch file.

Supported options:

-h: display a short CCC usage help.

Supported commands:

refresh: starts the consolidation process. This is automatically called when no argument is given to consolidate batch file.

flush: entirely flushes the classes in storage.

You can download CCC from the Carthag Projects download page.

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