The new Carthag Projects site is ready

In the last weeks I started Carthag Projects, the home for open source solutions on the Carthag platform for public distribution at no charge. Its main goal is to have something like the Jakarta Project for the PHP community.

Carthag Projects creates and maintains various community efforts, mostly targeted towards the iConnect Architecture. The subprojects are divided in three categories: iConnect Architecture, Frameworks, Tools.

Two of the goals of the Carthag Projects effort are to port Java frameworks and tools to the Carthag platform, and to port already existing PHP projects to the Carthag platform too.

Carthag ports for Apache MavenPhingZZ/OSS InstallerphpDocumentor and projects like them are expected to be started in the near future.

Carthag Projects is open for new contributors and project ideas. And also: do you want to have your open source PHP based project ported to the Carthag platform? Just get in touch with me.

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