Innomatic 6.1 released

Today I’ve released the new 6.1 version of Innomatic, the platform for building and managing multi tenant and SaaS applications in PHP.

This version features retina icons, a new environments management system, a desktop dashboard, PSR standards.

Change log:

6000 6.1 - 2013/12/01

 - Fixed WuiWidget::getEventsCompleteString() when generating events string with
 multiple events. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Removed lot of unused icons in Crystal icon set. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - The menu is now opened under the menu bar. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Larger header for Wui Table. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Now the Preferences domain group is always the last one in Wui Page menu.
 (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Removed InnomaticContainer::STATE_DEVELOPMENT. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - PHPTemplate class now supporting parsing of any Template instance as template
 variable, not only PHPTemplate ones. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Innomatic instance and domains are initialized in Xajax webapp handler. (Alex
 - Removed InnomaticContainer::getRootWuiMenuDefinition(). (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Removed old references to html frames in desktop layout. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Theme icon in domain panels is no more required. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Supprimed autoload check in class_exists() calls. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Started using PSR-0, PSR-1 and PSR-2 standards. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - PHP minimum version is now 5.3.0. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - New Subway icon set by Pixle. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - New InnomaticContainer Environment feature. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Top menu bar remains fixed during vertical scrolling. (Alex
 - Added security checks to the PHP webapp handler. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Added classes directory to the PHP webapp skeleton. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Added handling of welcome file in PHP webapp handler. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Added getTags() method to Template interface. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Added domain dashboard feature. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Added dashboardwidget component. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - The Wui Page titlebar changes color when changing Innomatic environment (eg.
 development, integration, staging, production). (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Added "scrollable" parameter with optional width and height to Wui Horizgroup,
 Horizframe, Vertgroup and Vertframe widgets. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Predisposition for namespace support in next Innomatic version. (Alex Pagnoni)
 - Old icon set, only new Subway icon set should be used from now on. (Alex
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