Innomatic 6.2 released

Today I’ve release Innomatic 6.2. Innomatic is the open source platform for building multi tenant and SaaS applications in PHP language.

This version brings support for PHP namespaces.

Change log:

6000 - 6.2 - 2014/01/07

- Fixed order of components uninstallation in domain mode. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Fixed wrong handling of application components register when updating
  components in add/remove mode. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Fixed session page name handling in Wui Widget session keys. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Platform refactoring with PHP namespaces support. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Removed the frame in Wui Innomatic Page widget. (Alex Pagnoni)

- Added namespace support compliant with autoloading standard PSR-0. (Alex
- Added autoloader compatibility mode for applications without new namespaces
  support. (Alex Pagnoni)
- During Innomatic setup, get the default country based on HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE
  header. (Luca Ferri)
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