Innomatic 6.4.0 released

Today I released the new 6.4.0 version of Innomatic Platform, my open source architecture for building multi-tenant and SaaS applications in PHP.

This is a big release that has been under development about ten months and features:

  • new tray bar
  • new pending actions
  • new roles/permissions system
  • new unittest component
  • UI improvements
  • performance improvements
  • panel view templates

I did a lot of profiling and greatly reduced startup time and WUI widgets rendering time; Innomatic is about 2x faster than the previous versions.

For users and developers, this new version also brings various new features making Innomatic even more useful for building backoffice SaaS applications: a desktop tray bar, various desktop UI improvements, a full RBAC system with roles and permissions and a faster way to build desktop panels with WUI views templates.

Full Innomatic 6.4.0 release announcement is available at Innomatic blog.

Change log:

6000 - 6.4.0 - 2014/12/10 
Summary: new tray bar, new pending actions, new roles/permissions system, new
unittest component, UI improvements, performance improvements, panel view

- Added keep parameter to the WebappConfiguration component. (Amanda Accalai)
- Added truncateTable() and resetSequence() methods for
  \Innomatic\Dataaccess\DataAccess classes. (Amanda Accalai)
- Added width field in WuiStatusbar. (Amanda Accalai)
- Added responsive subtopmenu. (Amanda Accalai)
- Added datetime field type handling in MysqlDataAccess. (Amanda Accalai)
- Added timestamp field type handling in MysqlDataAccess. (Amanda Accalai)
- Added the desktop tray bar. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added \Innomatic\Core\InnomaticContainer::switchDomain() method to stop the
  current tenant and start a new one. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added support for panels hidden from panels menu, by default available to
  every user. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added support for root key/value settings. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added pending actions to be processed by cronjob scripts. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added roles and permissions support for tenant users. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added role and permission application component types. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added tenant_system_administrator role. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added edit_password_all and edit_motd permissions. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added dashboard widget method to decide when a widget is visible. (Alex
- Added unittest component type for PHPUnit tests. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added new webapp class and configuration components. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added PHPUnit phpunit.xml configuration file. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added support for rowspan in WUI Grid widget. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added tooltip WUI widget. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added support for disabling and enabling tenant users. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added mainaction attribute in WUI Button widget to be used when the button
  is the panel view main action. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added dangeraction attribute in WUI Button widget to be used when the button
  launches a dangerous action (eg. delete). (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added link to tenant home in Innomatic icon when in tenant desktop. (Alex
- Added \Innomatic\Domain\Domain::getTenantNameById() and getTenantIdByName()
  methods. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added table keys updating in DataAccess xml parser and in root and tenant
  table component handlers. (Amanda Accalai)
- Added WUI definition templates system in desktop panel views. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Added color parameter to WUI statusbar widget. (Amanda Accalai)
- Changed "user profile" concept to "application access". (Alex Pagnoni)
- Upgraded MySQL support from mysql to mysqli. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Changed \Innomatic\Domain\User\Group constructor arguments. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Upgraded tenant profiles panel to new style panel. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Removed root dataaccess parameter to ApplicationStructureDefinition,
  ApplicationSettings and ApplicationDependencies classes. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Improved class loader compatibility layer handling of classes with the same
  name in different namespaces. (Alex Pagnoni)
- The Innomatic autoloader is no more loaded in prepend mode, nor it throws
  exceptions any more with not found classes. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Tenant database name is now prefixed with Innomatic platform name if set.
  (Alex Pagnoni)
- Javascript code included in script tags in Xajax response is now
  executed at client side after loading the ajax response. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Improved WUI flat theme with brighter colors. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Changed default desktop font to Helvetica Neue. (Alex Pagnoni)
- New WUI Button widget rendering for particular actions (main and delete).
  (Alex Pagnoni)
- Removed base desktop (tenants are no more accessed through the /domain/
  path). (Alex Pagnoni)
- Updated Innomatic minimum version to upgrade to 6.2.2, in order to follow
  the mandatory upgrade path for 6.1 release. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Various performance improvements in RootContainer class loading. (Alex
- Huge performance improvement in WUI widgets code. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Renamed domains in tenants in localized strings. (Alex Pagnoni)
- New tenant's database name is postfixed with _tenant name when automatically
  generated. (Alex Pagnoni)
- build.xml dev target now deploys Innomatic to a local Vagrant box. (Alex
- Application deployment now uses PHP PharData in place of
  \Innomatic\Io\Archive\Archive class. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Renamed XmlRpc_Client to XmlRpcClient, XmlRpc_Server to XmlRpcServer and
  XmlRpc_Wrappers to XmlRpcWrappers. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Updated Vagrant file to ansible based provisioning. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Moved maintenance settings from innomatic.ini to maintenance.ini
  configuration file in order to avoid frequent updates to the critical
  innomatic.ini file during maintenance execution. (Alex Pagnoni)

- Fixed change password for Innomatic Multi Tenant Edition. (Amanda Accalai).
- Fixed multiple login for Innomatic Multi Tenant Edition. (Amanda Accalai).
- Fixed height of headerbar. (Amanda Accalai)
- Fixed namespace bug in XmlRpc_Client. (Amanda Accalai)
- Fixed locale country fract digits. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Fixed boolean values for application_component_types in innomatic_root.xml.
  (Alex Pagnoni)
- Fixed wrong sequence name for root_profiles table in innomatic_root.xml.
  (Alex Pagnoni)
- Fixed empty username in SecurityManager logAccess() when an user logs out.
  (Alex Pagnoni)
- Fixed wrong dependency error in tenants for applications with PHP extensions
  in dependencies list. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Fixed problem when accessing Innomatic with a valid session by a deleted
  user (now the user auth session key is removed). (Alex Pagnoni)
- Fixed random "Missing dependencies" problem when installing/updating
  applications. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Fixed missing namespaces in system.* functions in XmlRpcServer. (Alex
- Fixed wrong week days in WuiDate calendar popup. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Fixed Xajax webapp handler not working with namespaces. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Fixed desktop toolbar icons and text size, alignment and ajax loader bug.
  (Amanda Accalai)

- \Innomatic\Domain\User\Permissions class is deprecated in favor of new
  \Innomatic\Desktop\Auth\DesktopPanelAuthorizator. (Alex Pagnoni)
- \Innomatic\Core\InnomaticContainer::EDITION_SAAS is deprecated in favor of
  \Innomatic\Core\InnomaticContainer::EDITION_MULTITENANT. (Alex Pagnoni)
- \Innomatic\Core\InnomaticContainer::EDITION_ENTERPRISE is deprecated in favor
  of \Innomatic\Core\InnomaticContainer::EDITION_SINGLETENANT. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Domain label is deprecated; domains should be called tenants from now on.
  (Alex Pagnoni)
- \Innomatic\Io\Archive\* classes are deprecated, PHP PharData should be used
  instead. (Alex Pagnoni)
- Innomatic\Dataaccess\DataAccessObject::_dataAccess is deprecated, use
  $dataAccess. (Alex Pagnoni)
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