Do you want to build a business Web application in PHP? Innomatic 5.0 is now available

If you are going to build a Web based business application in PHP, you may find stuck yourself with the common PHP frameworks. They are great for building Web based applications in general like dynamic Web sites, but they serve a too generic market and are not always focused to the specific needs of business applications such as the administrative ones.

Innomatic is an open source, mature and easy to use distributed PHP 5 Web applications containerparticularly oriented towards business and administrative applications such as CRM, CMS, Web based frontends for legacy applications (eg. AS/400 ones) and so on.

Today we announce the general availability of Innomatic 5.0, ready to be downloaded and deployed. Innomatic is distributed with the new BSD license, making it a perfect base for developing and, if you are a Software House, distributing and selling your Web based applications, also thanks to the AppCentral feature and marketplace.

You can find more information about Innomatic at the Innomatic about page and at the public wiki. You can also try the Innomatic Desktop accessing the Innomatic demo.

Analisi del trend tecnologico [Italian]



Il presente documento rappresenta un’analisi dell’attuale situazione del contesto tecnologico informatico aziendale nel cosiddetto middle tier, a partire dalla quale si giunge ad alcune previsioni sulla base:

  • dei trend evolutivi in termini di infrastruttura, player dominanti, linguaggio/architettura
  • di alcune considerazioni sulla situazione di mercato;
  • di altre considerazioni di natura tecnologica.

Il periodo preso in considerazione è quello a partire dagli anni ’80 sino al medio-lungo termine, inteso quest’ultimo nell’ambito della rapida evoluzione del mondo informatico/Internet.

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