Ampoliros 2.7.0 released

This version introduces an automatic database table update system in admin and root table elements.

Change log:

2000 2.7.0 - 2002/07/15 - "Database table update"
- Added the long awaited table update in admintable.element and
  roottable.element. For now it can add new columns and remove old columns.
- Added CompareVersionNumbers() function in misc.library.
- Added check for Curl extension for SSL support in Xml-Rpc functions.
- Added User::GetGroup() memebr (users.library) to get user group id.
- Added site.user.add, site.user.remove,, hooks.
- Added OpenLibrary function (ampoliros.library).

- Changed version to 2.7 series, due to new table update important feature.
- Changed big logo, added a "2000" string.

- Fixed wrong assignment of site superuser locale settings from
- Added missing HuiPage::mBorder data member.
- Fixed wrong variable inside single quotes block in xml.library.
- Fixed broken image link in main pages if OEM logo is not enabled.
- Fixed "Invalid Ampoliros database handler" failure when finishing web setup
- Added check in RecRemoveDir() (misc.library) in order to verify if the given
  dirname exists.

Ampoliros 2.6.0 released

I’ve just released the new 2.6.0 version of Ampoliros.

This is a big new release since I’m introducing the HTML User Interface, that is a web desktop oriented user interface where you don’t need to write HTML code.

I also introduce a hook system for extending platform and applications functionality.

Full change log for this release follows.

2.6.0 - 2002/04/17 - "Hui and hooks"

- Added hooks big feature.
- Added hui big feature.
- Added Ampoliros name.
- Started Ampoliros domain system big feature.
- Added Network root page.
- Added Informations root page.
- Added LICENSE.xmlrpc file for some parts of xmlrpc code license.
- Added auth.php in Ampoliros public directory root.
- Added site log and site database log files viewer in sites administration.
- Added SITESTUFF_PATH define, alias for old STORESTUFF_PATH define.
- Added logging to site log files in sites.library.
- Added TODO file.
- Added AMPOLIROS_SETUP_PHASE define, defined during Ampoliros setup phase.
- Added Dump class in debug.library.
- Added error handler.
- Added doc directory.
- Added autodocs build script.
- Added XmlRpc sdk docs.
- Added "Slackware 8 to Ampoliros server" guide.
- Added XmlRpc accounts.
- Added example config.h file.

- Resized header frame in root administration for Ampoliros name and domain
- Updated Edd Dumbill's XmlRpc code to 1.02 release. Refer to relative
  changelog for details.
- New hui look.
- General code cleanup and revision.
- \Innomatic\Logging\Logger::LogEvent() now formats date and time strings.
- Reorganized auth.php and ampconfig.php files.
- Reformatted CHANGES file.
- Optimized catalog files.
- Various minor optimizations.

- Fixed missing dblayer element handler from the elementtypes table in
  amproot.xsql file.
- Fixed dblayer_mysql::_Close(): removed odd mysql_close().
- Fixed dblayer_mysql::_CreateDB(): removed odd mysql_close().
- Fixed bug in Sites::RemoveAllUsers() not removing all the users.
- Fixed wrong recordset handling with empty result resource.
- Fixed wrong database query in Group::Remove() when updating users table.
- Fixed wrong variable in User::EditUser() when updating "otherdata" field in
  user table.
- Fixed odd method to get current directory in modules.library.
- Fixed query in Module::Install().
- Fixed wrong function name in hook events elements in structure.xml.