Open Source Projects

This is my personal GitHub account but you can find my current open source projects at Innomatic GitHub organization account.

Current active projects

  • Innomatic Platform for building multi tenant and SaaS applications in PHP.
  • Innomedia CMF: a multi tenant Content Management Framework for Innomatic Platform.
  • Innowork: a framework for building multi tenant business applications for Innomatic Platform.

Old open source projects

In the past I used to host my open source projects at SourceForge, this is my account.

  • WUI (Web User Interface): Web Applications user interface
  • Carthag: PHP 5 applications framework
  • iConnect WAS: Web Application Server
  • iConnect EAS: Enterprise Application Server
  • iConnect Portal Server
  • HostMan (Official open source page)
    Management of distributes services in remote hosts as Ampoliros modules. HostMan PHP modules and related projects started by me:

    • HostMan Core
    • HostMan activators (various)
    • HostMan configurators (various)
    • HostMan Hosting
  • Burseg (Official page at Solarix site)
    An application for encoding Ampoliros PHP modules and controlling encoded modules with a keys based system. Burseg modules and related projects started by me:

    • Burseg KeyMaster
    • Burseg KeyRing
    • Burseg Loader
  • AmpCentral (Official open source site)
    Deployment of Ampoliros PHP modules through web services with dependencies management. AmpCentral modules and related projects started by me:

    • AmpCentral Server
    • AmpCentral Client
    • AmpCentral Connector
  • IpCheck
    A system for keeping track of hosts with dynamic IP. IpCheck modules and related projects started by me:

    • IpCheck Server
    • IpCheck Client
  • XmlRpc Gateway
    A PHP web services calls repeater.

Old Amiga Projects

Before being a Linux addict, I was an Amiga addict. In the good old days I used to run various Amiga models (A500, A1200, A600, A2000, A3000, A4000) and I also released some little projects – my first public projects.

  • MuiIconType
    MUI based tool for changing icon type.
  • APFonts
    Helvetica, XCourier, XEN and XHelvetica colour fonts for MagicWB based desktops.
  • APDesktop
    Screenshots of one my many Workbench configurations.
  • Dante
    It was a powerful text reader project based on MUI and Amiga E language, but it was never released.
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