Innomatic 6.4.0 released

Today I released the new 6.4.0 version of Innomatic Platform, my open source architecture for building multi-tenant and SaaS applications in PHP.

This is a big release that has been under development about ten months and features:

  • new tray bar
  • new pending actions
  • new roles/permissions system
  • new unittest component
  • UI improvements
  • performance improvements
  • panel view templates

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Do you want to build a business Web application in PHP? Innomatic 5.0 is now available

If you are going to build a Web based business application in PHP, you may find stuck yourself with the common PHP frameworks. They are great for building Web based applications in general like dynamic Web sites, but they serve a too generic market and are not always focused to the specific needs of business applications such as the administrative ones.

Innomatic is an open source, mature and easy to use distributed PHP 5 Web applications containerparticularly oriented towards business and administrative applications such as CRM, CMS, Web based frontends for legacy applications (eg. AS/400 ones) and so on.

Today we announce the general availability of Innomatic 5.0, ready to be downloaded and deployed. Innomatic is distributed with the new BSD license, making it a perfect base for developing and, if you are a Software House, distributing and selling your Web based applications, also thanks to the AppCentral feature and marketplace.

You can find more information about Innomatic at the Innomatic about page and at the public wiki. You can also try the Innomatic Desktop accessing the Innomatic demo.

Ampoliros 4000 4.0 major refactoring released

Today I released a major refactoring of the Ampoliros platform for building multi tenant web applications in PHP with a new desktop theme.

Change log for this release:

4000 4.0 - 2004/07/15 - "Major refactoring"
- Added new "amp4000" theme.
- Added new "big" hui icons category.
- Added 494 new icons in "big" category.
- Added new Ampoliros class.
- Added unit tests.
- Added huixml_cdata() (HuiXml) in place of urlencode() method.

- Changed Ampoliros generation to 4000.
- Now Ampoliros is based on the Carthag platform.
- Updated Crystal icons to SVG release. Added 584 more new icons.
- Moved Semaphore class (semaphores.library) to process.Semaphore.
- Moved Clipboard class (clipboard.library) to datatransfer.Clipboard.
- Moved CachedItem class (cache.library) to datatransfer.cache.CachedItem.
- Moved CacheGarbageCollector (cache.library) to
- Moved hui.library classes to hui.*.
- Moved huithemes.library classes to hui.theme.*.
- All code is now under a declare() statement.
- Added pcntl and posix as suggested extensions.
- Changed "Ampoliros Web Applications Platform" title to "Ampoliros
Application Server".
- Moved maintenance.library classes to maintenance.*.
- Moved Hook class (hooks.library) to util.Hooks.
- Renamed AmpolirosSecurityHandler() class to SecurityLayer() and moved it
to security.SecurityLayer.
- Moved archives.library classes to Carthag platform.
- Moved debug.library classes to debug.* and renamed
AmpDebugger() class to Debugger().
- Moved xmlrpc.library classes to webservices.xmlrpc.*.
- Removed unused system.library.
- Moved sites.library classes to site.*.
- Moved users.library classes to site.user.*.
- Moved logger.library classes to io.log.*.
- Moved dblayer libraries classes to db.*.
- Moved locale.library classes to locale.*.
- Moved old unused stuff to ampcompatibility package.
- Now at least PHP 5 is required.
- Updated copyright notes date.
- Moved XMLParser class (xml.library) to xml.XMLParser.
- Applied minor changes for PHP 5 compatibility.
- Moved modules.library and modulesbase.library classes to
- Strongly refactored maintaining compatibility.
- Changed handling of /ampcgi/ alias during setup.
- Renamed ModuleElementTypes class to
- Moved soap.library to ampcompatibility.
- Updated some stuff in extras directory.
- Changed "module" term in "application".
- Renamed root/modules.php to root/applications.php.
- Moved HelpNode class to help.HelpNode.
- Moved AmpConfig class to core.AmpConfig.
- Lot of optimizations in Hui and Hui widgets.
- Hui validators are now called once even if there are more dispatchers.
- Moved root initialization code to Ampoliros::startRoot().
- Moved site initialization code to Ampoliros::startSite().
- Moved maintenance run script code to Ampoliros::startMaintenance().
- Moved ampconfig.php code to ampoliros.php.
- Removed amp3000 Hui theme.
- Removed CACHE_PATH define.

- Fixed "frame" attribute in toolbar widget when set to false.
- Fixed wrong size limit in username length in users table.
- Unlock script (/ampcgi/unlock.php) is no more recorded as last root
page opened.
- Fixed wrong parameters to Permissions class in adminpage.handler and

Launched the Caladan PHP webapp handler

I’ve launched Caladan, an open source webapp handler for the IxAS application server, providing a MVC (Model View Controller) framework to the IxAS application server. It is a component of Solarix iConnect Frameworks.

Being distributed with the Mozilla Public license, Caladan is free to use and distribute.

Caladan’s main purpose is to offer a Model View Controller (MVC) system for IxAS web applications, with a central configuration file for controlling the behaviour of the whole site.

Main features

  • Uses Carthag applications platform
  • Entirely OOP
  • MVC system
  • XML based configuration file
  • Lightweight
  • XML configuration is cached

Caladan is covered by the Mozilla Public License.

You can download Caladan from the Carthag Projects download page.

Launched the iConnect Web Application Server

Today I’ve released the first public versione of iConnect Web Application Server (WAS), a Carthag based application server in PHP. In particular, WAS is the Web Application Server component.

iConnect Web Application Server is covered by the Mozilla Public License.

You can download iConnect Web Application Server from the Carthag Projects download page.

Launched the iConnect Enterprise Application Server

iConnect EAS – Enterprise Application Server – is a distributed component architecture for the development and deployment of component-based business applications.

EAS components address critical business functions as objectified business logic, featuring encapsulation of business logic into business objects and an object to relational mapping persistence system.

EAS is the standard component architecture for building distributed object-oriented business applications in the Carthag platform. EAS makes possible to build distributed applications by combining components developed by different vendors.

EAS makes easy to write applications. Developers do not have to understand low-level details nor have to implement features like persistence, distributed logic serving, and other complex ones.

An EAS module can be developed once and deployed on multiple platforms without repackaging or source code modification.

Main features

  • Encapsulates business logic in an EAS module
  • Uses Carthag as framework
  • Delivers optional persistence, with Value Objects and Data Access Objects
  • EAS deployer
  • Checks EAS module PHP code before deploying them
  • Transparent access to remote EAS modules as if they were local
  • Transparent access to local EAS modules without using EAS server
  • Location of EAS modules through a EAS locator descriptor
  • Own socket server for receiving requests and serving classes
  • Authentication for accessing EASs and issuing actions
  • XML based users/permissions file
  • Per user Data Access Source Name for persistent EAS modules
  • Uses XML-RPC as communication protocol
  • Uses PHP internal XML-RPC server implementation for faster speed
  • Watch dog for monitoring EAS server and restarting it in case of failure
  • Supports EAS session for the entire lifetime of a remote object
  • Sessions garbage collector
  • Benchmarks supplied

EAS is covered by the Mozilla Public License.

You can download EAS from the Carthag Projects download page.